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Arabian Horses & Kangen Water

Kangen™ Water as used with champion Arabian horses

For the last 14 years I have been a breeder of Arabian horses and competed on a National level. I have four National Championships and numerous Reserve and Top 10 honors with my show horses. I have for many years been into healthy foods and alkaline water and have done the same for my horses by choosing an alkaline cool over the traditional hot acid diet. I feed Timothy Hay, Colorado Grass Hay and one of my favorite grain substitutes is a fabulous new product called Cool Stance made from coconut. I thought my horses were on the perfect low NSC diet and I gave no consideration to the quality of water they were drinking. After reading about Kangen Water™ one year ago and buying my own machine I was curious what it could do for horses. I could not find any testimonials so I did my own experiment. My mare was going to the big Scottsdale Arabian Show in February and she competes in Western Pleasure. Her routine at the show was to be two 45-minute workouts daily, which I knew would of course cause swelling and inflammation in her legs and they would need to be wrapped. It is common at the shows to walk the barn aisles and see leg wraps on the majority of horses from being worked hard. I decided to bring Magnetic Pashahn, 25 gallons a day of fresh Kangen water™ for 17 days at the show. She drank a good majority of that water daily and was always eager when I arrived with fresh 9.5 pH water. What I observed is her legs never swelled up from inflammation and she was pain free rather than sore. She never had to wear leg wraps the entire show whereas the other horses did. It was truly incredible! I recommend the use of the 2.5 pH for scratches, ringworm and cuts. The 5.5 pH is of course excellent for manes and tails and keeping the skin from being dry. The drinking water is phenomenal for horses especially on a heavy grain diet where they are at risk for ulcers, laminitis, founder, tying up (all the man made diseases) since it neutralizes the lactic acid build up. The 11.5 pH is great for horses that have swelling in their legs and one can wrap a soaked towel around the swollen area then put a standing wrap bandage on and wait 30 – 45 minutes. It is amazing to see the swelling recede! Rhonda Davis, Arizona

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