Change Your Water…Change Your Life

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water educational and informative videos with scientific research show how important Kangen water is to your health and wellness

The following short 7 minute video does an excellent job of explaining the scientific water research and benefits gained from drinking Ionized Water.
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Watch The Following Video About Water And Colon Health, and Dr. Shinya

Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a medical advisor to Enagic. He is well known as the developer of the field of colonoscopic surgery

(the Shinya Technique).

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Pat Boone Introduces Kangen Water Demos:

See How Kangen Water Compares to Popular Beverages And Bottled Waters.

Kangen Water® Has A High Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
Kangen Water can be demonstrated with a ORP meter to produce a strong negative Oxidative Reduction Potential referred to as ORP. The stronger the negative value of ORP the better the water is in reducing oxidation. Because oxidation is the cause of the aging process, water with a strong negative ORP is better for good health.

Kangen Water® Has Alkaline Properties; Compare The pH Values Of Various Beverages.

While the Kangen Waters for drinking are all alkaline, you will learn that most ordinary drinking and bottled water is acidic.

Kangen Water® Is Also Micro-Clustered For Superior Hydration.

Ionized water has special characteristics that make it super-hydrating at the cellular level. Ionized water is sometimes referred to as “restructured,” or electrolyzed structured water, in that the water molecules combine together into smaller groups of molecules than normal, typically in about 4 to 6 water molecules per group, whereas most other water has more than two to three times the number of water molecules per group. This means the water can get into the cells easier to hydrate the cells, the water can transfer nutrients more readily into the cells, and the water can more effortlessly transport toxic waste from inside the cells to more efficiently cleanse and detoxify the body.

Scientific proof, Alkaline water changes the blood

Change Your Water…Change Your Life!

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To learn more about Kangen Water

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Alkalizing, Hydrating &Anti-Oxidizing Information


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