Benefits of Drinking Kangen Water

Benefits of Drinking Kangen

Japanese specialists have proven the benefits of Kangen water:

Kangen alkali ionic water has a positive ef fect on the following ailments: diabetes, bronchial asthma, hypersensitive dermatitis, hepatitis, chronic rheumatic arthritis, high blood fat, Meniere’s syndrome, insomnia, obesity, pains in loins, neuralgia, climacteric disease, Hong Kong foot, hemorrhoids, chronic dysentery, constipation, periodontosis.

The alkali ionic water not only can prevent ailments, but also can cure some ailments . The ministry for public health in Japan has confirmed that the Kangen alkali drinking ionic water has a curative effect on indigestion, hyper chlorhydria, chromic diarrhea, stomach and intestine disease, constipation, etc.


Checklist from the book Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore Baroody, ND

There are many symptoms of acidosis and dehydration. Drinking Kangen alkali ionic water can correct these problems.

Below is a list of the most common symptoms.

Following texts: Reverse Aging by Sang  Whang, Alkalize or Die by Theodore Baroody, ND, and Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj, MD.

The statements are for nutritional information only and not intended as medical advice. Always consult your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Beginning                                                        Intermediate                                       Advanced

Acne                                           Cold Sores                                                               Crohn’s disease
Agitation                                     Depression                                                           Schizophrenia
Muscular Pain                            Loss of memory                                                 Learning disabled
Cold hands/feet                         Loss of concentration                                     Hodgkin’s disease
Dizziness                                  Migraine headaches                                       Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
Low energy                                Insomnia                                                          Multiple Sclerosis
Joint pains                                  Taste, vision, hearing                                    Sarcoidosis
Food allergies                              Asthma                                                          Rheumatoid arthritis
Chemical sensitivities                Bronchitis                                                   Myasthenia gravis
Hyperactivity                             Hay fever                                                      Scleroderma
Panic Attacks                              Ear Aches                                                     Leukemia
menstrual cramping                  Hives                                                           Tuberculosis
Pre-menstral                              Anxiety/depression                                 Swelling  All forms of cancer
Lack of sex drive                        Viral infections(colds, flu)                       All forms of cancer
Bloating                                        Bacterial infections
Heatburn                                      Fungal infections
Diarrhea                                        Impotence
Constipation                                 Urethritis
Hot urine                                      Cystitis
Strong smelling urine                 Urinary infection
Mild headaches                            gastritis
Rapid panting breath                 Colitis
Rapid heartbeat                          Excessive falling hair
White coated tongue                  Psoriasis
Metallic taste in mouth              Numbness and tingling                Sinusitis

The effectiveness of the acidic ionic water. 1. Acts as an astringent, making the skin smooth and reducing wrinkles. 2. Hair washed with this water becomes glossier and more elastic. 3. This water can stop bleeding and sterilize wounds in case of scalds and cuts. 4. Hong Kong foot can be cured if it is submerged in the ionic water. 5. Washing infants with this water can prevent eczema. 6. Washing the gums and eyes of older people with this water can make their mouth and eyes feel cool and refreshed. 7. Sterilize tableware and towels by washing them with this water. 8. Wash rugs, floors and ceramic tiles with this water to remove dirt, sterilize the surface, and prevent mildew. 9. Add acidic ionic water to bathwater and enjoy its beautifying effect on the skin. 10. Wash pets with this water to make their coats sleek and glossy.The acidic ionic water has an astringent effect on skin (cosmetic water).

Beauty and Cosmetic Uses:kangen beauty water

Washing the face – acidic ion water makes the skin smooth, improves its health, and improves the compatibility with make-up.

Shampoo – when used to rinse the hair before and after shampooing, it protects the hair, prevents hair loss, dandruff and itching, and leaves the hair soft and non-sticky.

After Shaving – protects the health and beauty of the skin, gives a fresh, clean feeling after shaving, prevents shaving rash, and works as a styptic.

Bathing – the body is warmed when six to ten liters of acidic ion water is mixed into water with a pH of three.  Acidic ion water is effective for the overall beauty and health of your skin.

Water for Wiping the Body – wiping the body with a towel that has been steamed in acidic ion water is effective for the overall health of your skin.

Brushing your Teeth – using a toothbrush saturated in level 3 acidic water.

Home Remedies:

Due to its slightly disinfecting and sterilizing action, acidic ion water has a disinfecting, sterilizing, and analgesic effect on wounds.

Gargling Water – prevents infection by germs including the microbes that cause colds and tonsillitis.

Burns – alleviates the pain of burns and hastens recovery.

Chapped Hands – prevents chapped hands and accelerates recovery from chapping.

Sunburn – relieves the inflammation and accelerates recovery.gangreine

Abrasions and Cuts – exhibits a disinfection and styptic action and accelerates recovery.

Bruises and Sprains – accelerates recovery when applied.

Eczema and Skin Problems – accelerates recovery when applied directly or with a wet compress.

Use in Cooking:

Due to its shrinking (restrictive effect), acidic ion water can be employed in a wide range of cooking uses.

Washing and Processing of Produce Containing Anthocyanin (Red Coloring) – cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soybeans, and asparagus are prepared with a natural appearance.

Boiled Foods – even when the eggs crack the contents stay inside and the shell is easy to peel.  The yolk will stay in the middle of the egg also.

Cooking Beans – kidney beans and peas are cooked quickly and with their natural color intact.

Rinsing Fish – tightens the bodies of some fish.

Other Uses:

Due to its bleaching action, acidic ion water is also effective as a bleaching agent.

House Cleaning – dirt and grime are removed.  Great for bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Polishing – effectively cleans mirrors, eyeglasses, glass and knives. Washing Vehicles – dirt is removed from automobiles, bicycles, and motorcycles. Baths – the tub water is quickly heated, it is difficult for scale to adhere to the tub, and the water does not smell even when reheated. Cutting Boards – quickly washes and disinfects them, keeping them clean. Pots and Pans with Baked-on Foods – when soaked in the water overnight, stains and burns are removed, leaving the utensils clean due to the sterilizing power. Dishcloths – fungal and bacteria growth are stopped, preventing bad smell.  When soaked in the water overnight, a bleaching action is obtained. Odors that Remain on the Hands after Cooking – sliminess and fish odors on the hands are removed and itching is eliminated. Pet Care – leaves pets with a beautifully, well-kept, lustrous coat, and prevents skin diseases and itching. (Great for overcoming mange and hot spots.) Gargle for a sore throat. Several warmed drops in the ear will soothe an earache.

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