Why Ionized Alkaline Water for Health Issues

Why Ionized Alkaline Water for Health Issues

How does…Benefit?

  • Brain injury
  • Neurological issues
  • Brain inflammation
  • Blood brain barrier damage
  • Chronic health issues
  • Gut inflammation
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor hormones

Three Key issues involved in all brain injuries and chronic health issues

  1.  inflammation which causes free radicals
  2.  Acidosis
  3. Dehydration

Metabolic acidosis leads to calcium loss as well as magnesium in the kidneys.  Magnesium is very important to have in more than just adequate amounts for all those with brain injuries. If there is not enough magnesium  the circulation, heart, depression, anxiety, ADD, focus, seizures  and much more are directly affected. (Acid – Alkaline Balance for Optimal Health, http://www.ctds.info/alkaline-balance.html).

Drinking water before bed, during the night and in the morning is extremely important.  The body is trickling acids stress hormones into the bloodstream that helps you get up in the morning.  This process is using up a lot of water during the night, most often causing dehydration.  So one of the most important times to drink micro-clustered, high hydrating water is  before bed and first thing in the morning.  It is recommended for adults to drink 31 ounces of high alkaline water at these times.

If there are anger issues in one’s life that are not in the normal range or out of sync ,the situation there is going to be high acidosis in the brain and the nervous system.  If one is prone to having an easily set off temper, then it is very important to drink copious amounts of high alkaline, micro-clustered water, ionized water.

Not getting enough sleep can produce more acidosis in the body and brain.

Allergies and Gut

When the body is dehydrated the histamine levels in the cells rise giving way to more incidence of allergic reactions.  Inflammation in the bowel can result causing free radical damage.  Most allergies are due to acidification of the body  which is also related to consuming too much meat and sugar.    In research it is found that ionic calcium was excessively low, which in turn makes allergic reactions more susceptible. Drinking alkaline, ionized water that is high in ionic calcium can help alleviate allergies.  Ionic Calcium enhances the heart, urination, but it neutralized toxins and controls acidity.  It enhances the digestive system and liver function.   Research has shown that drinking high alkaline, ionic water will promote natural healing in the body and  hence increase the body’s resistance to allergies.  Prof. Kuninaka Hironaga, of the Kuninaka Hospital found that when allergies do not respond to drugs that they respond well to ionic water.

Often times allergies can be the cause of skin problems, itches and rashes.  A head of the Police Research Institute in Japan suffered from severe allergy.  After unsuccessful repeated treatments by a skin specialist he tried alkaline, ionized water.  He started consuming the antioxidant, anti- inflammation water and became completely cured.  He also did not suffer any relapse and has eaten all kinds of foods.  In allergies, the antioxidant minerals are very low as well as calcium.  This deficiency of antioxidant minerals in turn ,lowers the bodies’ resistance significantly, allowing the body to become overly sensitive and able to develop allergies easily. (Prof. Kuninaka Hironaga, of the Kuninaka Hospital)

High levels of Toxic metals, Especially Mercury:

A study in southern  Sweden  found that alkaline water protected against the toxic effects of mercury. (Alkaline Water Protection Against The Toxic Effects Of Mercury Hair element concentrations in females in one acid and one alkaline area in southern Sweden, Rosborg I,Nihlgard B, Gerhardsson L.Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund University, Sweden.}

Blood Brain Barrier Compromise in Neurological Disorders:

Neurological symptoms and diseases have a significant percentage of blood brain barrier compromise.  Alzheimer’s show compromise in their blood brain barrier.  As the disease progresses and the blood brain barrier is not sealed there are more vascular abnormalities  which worse the cognitive disability.( The Blood-Brain Barrier and Cerebrovascular Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease,RAJ N. KALARIA’Institute for Health of the Elderly, Newcastle General Hospital, Westgate Road,and Department of Psychiatry, University of Newcastle,Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6BE, United Kingdom

Using Alkaline,ionized, micro-clustered water to enhance enzymes

After consuming ionized, micro-clustered, alkaline water the gastric juices in the stomach in one to three minutes  the gastric juices increase 1 ½ times.  The amazing factor with the ionized water is that if the body is achlorhydric (low in gastric juice) the presence of ionized water will stimulate the stomach cells to secrete more gastric juice.  This also enhances digestion and absorption of minerals.    If the body is hyperchlorhydria (high in gastric juice), the ionized water neutralized the excessive gastric juice.  (Digestive problems and Anxiety, Prof Kogure Keizou, Kogure clinic of Juntendo Hospital, Macha

“According to the medical lecturer from Maeba University, the pH of the gastric secretion will still remain normal when ionized water is consumed. This proves the ability of ionized water to neutralize as well as to stimulate the secretion.“ This is what makes this ionized, micro- clustered, alkaline water so very special.  Not all ionizers are the same. Be sure to use the kind of ionizer that only uses Medical grade Titanium solid plates.  Don’t be fooled by internet hype and price.  There is a huge difference in ionizers and the electromagnetics  of the plates that produce the ionization.


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