Ionized Alkaline Water & Chronic Pain

Ionized Alkaline Water & Chronic Pain

Ionized Alkaline Water is an amazingly healthy drink that can transform your life.

Renowned healing waters of the world share two common properties: high pH or alkalinity and negative charge or ionization, providing powerful hydration throughout the body. It is believed the extra negative ions allow the water to permeate the cells quickly, giving a mood boost and overall refreshment. It may also help to break up acid deposits, for example, the uric acid crystals that cause gout. We use ionized alkaline water as a very powerful but gentle detoxifier. People with chronic pain issues such as arthritis and fibromyalgia are reporting rapid and lasting relief!

Ionized Alkaline water detoxifies your body.

So many of the things we eat and drink are highly acidic. Coffee, soda, wine, sports drinks and so on, all bathe our insides in strong acid. Even most bottled water brands have a pH of 5.0 or less! And yet the body prefers to be slightly alkaline (the opposite of acid). Human blood for instance has a pH of around 7.4.

Much of the modern diet, with sweets and spices and carbohydrates, further feeds the body a steady stream of acid. In response, the body has to work hard to buffer this acid burden. Relieving this burden can bring new energy and vitality to your life. From the first drink many people notice an increase in mental clarity and enthusiasm for life.

As you continue to drink alkaline water, the wide spectrum of benefits will manifest itself. Each person responds differently to the detoxifying effects of alkaline water. Many people experience weight loss benefits and find their craving for snacks and chocolate diminish. And the stories of people with chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis  and irritable bowel syndrome, finding relief through alkaline water are truly remarkable.

Of course we cannot make any claims that alkaline water cures diseases, but the concept of de-acidifying your body is sound, and the effects it can have on your life are profound.


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