Diabetes & ORP

Diabetics – ORP, Water and Mineral Salts

NOTE: I do not endorse the products in these videos, in fact I highly recommend drinking Kangen Water that has the minerals, alkaline pH, -800 ORP & is micro-clustered to quickly enter every cell of your body, instead of adding one aspect of these properties to dead water.  However, the information on how minerals are important and how detrimental sugar is to our systems is great! WARNING! Do NOT drink distilled water!!!! It is extremely detrimental to your health!!!


“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM) posted by EM

I just came across these 2 videos from Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, who uses ORP values to help explain why specific mineral salts provide us energy and Health — and it’s important for diabetics, pre-diabetics and anyone who ingests too many carbs, sweetened foods or artificially sweetened foods to know about this, as well as how to respond. A 3rd video below will show you the important results from testing 10 of the world’s best regarded waters!

Here’s some basic chemistry. ORP is short for Oxygen Reduction Potential and it relates to the number of electrons a molecule of one substance has to “share” or “donate” to another different-substance’s molecules. This “sharing” is what is going on when we use “anti-oxidants” (as the sharing of electrons helps to neutralize cellular damage from oxidation biochemical processes).

Basically, we are electrical-beings.

Strange statement? Not really. Many Sages and scientific researchers and knowledgeable health professionals understand this, and that is why Energy Medicine will be / and is becoming the Medicine of the future, as Thomas Edison said it would be.

This even goes beyond the bio-electricity which is our Nervous System. The bio-electricity and energy go all the way to the Quantum level of our individual cells’ activity, as explained by Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD.

Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD, about whom I will introduce you to more in coming weeks, has had his sophisticated views of the real cellular human anatomy only recently able to be verified.  But he worked on his theories and established his effective, clinical treatments and responses 80 years ago!

Brilliant minds don’t wait for others to “catch-up”, they just practice New Medicine.

Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD is doing the same – examining the real Root Causes of dis-ease and of Health.

In these videos, he’s explaining about how the mineral salts of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium run our energy and nervous systems.

And, that we really run on pure air, fresh high ORP water and light (actual and that which was stored-by-plants) is becoming more and more understood and acknowledged among aware clinicians.

Our bio-electrical systems utilize those alkaline mineral’s ions (which carry electrical charges).  Most of us know that Opposites “attract” and “neutralize” each other to create a stable electrical condition.

ORP explains the “Potential” available in a food or substance (in this case, “salts”) to activate and accomplish this electrical-exchange, anti-oxidant process. Oxidation harms cells, so that’s why we want to “reduce” the free-radical ions.

So, even if this explanation has been a bit murky for you, watch the videos. They will SHOW you, and you will understand!

You will also see that we are using “dead” waters. We do not have our natural birthright available to us, as Nature intended, whereby we can just go a short distance to a running brook or larger stream or river to get really-fresh, flowing water. This is the ONLY natural water that contains the ORP we need. Healing springs have even more ORP.

Even when we bottle “spring” water, time and distance and storage denigrate and eliminate the ORP! Dr. Young gives you a potent demonstration of this.

Dr. Young, PhD sells sophisticated machines on his site to help replicate the ORP of naturally-occurring, fresh waters. But, I think Dr. Batmanghelijh MD’s protocol may well be efficacious for those of us who cannot afford the various sophisticated Japanese or Korean machines.

Of course, as usual, be AWARE NOT to use regular table salt!!!!

Any salts you use should be whole sea salt. Use Celtic sea salts (from Brittany, France) for the best results (see Grain and Salt Society or Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or good health stores) or you can buy specialized drops from the websites mentioned in the videos below. I have no association with either, but I know the Science works.

Now, on to the videos! Enjoy.

and then, please watch this one.






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