Your Cellular Voltage

Your Cellular Voltage

pH = Cell Voltage!cellular voltage

So in all the years I have been doing biomedical as it relates to autism, I have never heard things explained in the way I am going to lay out over the next few weeks. I ran across a medical theory this past week that has turned everything I currently think on its ear. Not that it makes any of the current info irrelevant or incorrect, it just changes its perspective and takes it one layer deeper to understand more of the etiology of what’s going on and why we often can’t get past a certain point in treatment.

We talk a lot about pH in autism, as most of us know that acidity is a problem when it comes to health. That’s why we have so many people drinking alkaline water and incorporating different interventions to keep pH under control as best as they can.

pH (potential hydrogen) is really cell voltage, which makes sense, but cells require certain millivolts of power to regenerate and heal damaged areas. Take a look at this correlation between pH and cell voltage.

pH  0  7  14


Voltage  +400 mV  0 mV  -400 mV

A normal pH is said to be between 7.35 – 7.45, which is equivalent to -20 mV – -25 mV. So the normal operating cell voltage is between -20 mV – -25 mV, which is in the alkaline range. Any time there is damage, our voltage in that area automatically shifts to -50 mV, which is the voltage required to make new cells to replace the damaged ones. Anything from -1 mV – -400 mV is considered an electron donor. Anything from +1 mV – +400 mV is considered an electron stealer. Electron stealers are acidic, free radicals, have a positive pole, cause damage, and spin left atomically. Electron donors are alkaline, antioxidants, have a negative pole, cause regeneration and spin right atomically.

In order for a cell to work properly, you have to have the following requirements in the right ranges/amounts:

Glucose, temperature, blood pressure, pH/voltage and oxygen

If any one of these is abnormally low or high, you have problems. To break it down even further, you need the following for the cell to be healthy:

Alkaline water, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, sunshine and pH/voltage.

The normal healing range for cells is -50 mV/pH 7.85 to -60 mV/pH 8.05. Viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells die at -70 mV/pH 8.23 to -105 mV/pH 8.84. At +5 mV/pH 6.91 or higher + ranges, bacteria, viruses, fungus, decreased oxygen, pain, and damage to DNA happen. Cancer cells thrive at +30 mV/pH 6.48.

When cell voltage is low and oxygen decreases, we see an increase of anaerobic bacteria in the gut, which begins to thrive in the low oxygen environment. So, when voltage is low, not only do we see an increase in gut bugs, we also don’t have the necessary voltage to regenerate the cells necessary that have been damaged.

So many of our kids have chronic gut issues. We see ongoing problems with yeast, parasites, C Diff, and many others requiring usage of Diflucan, Nystatin, Flagyl and so many other anti-fungal and antibiotic substances being used to keep the dysbiotic gut in check, along with the addition of super-potent pre and pro-biotics to attempt to balance the environment out and prevent future flare ups. Yet, we still have this subset of kids that after years and years of gut work, stability still balances on a microscopic fine line that is easily breached. Perhaps not just these methods, but a more accurate way to insure appropriate cell voltage and adequate oxygenation is a key ingredient missing. Again, not the only issue, but certainly something to think about in this mix that continues to keep so many of our kids negatively affected.

It’s highly important to me that I stop at this juncture and point out this is not a woo-woo, feel good, grasping at straws, hopeful theory! ALL OF THIS IS 100% PROVEABLE AND REPRODUCEABLE VIA SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS! I have to admit, when I first heard about this (and please don’t be offended if you fall into this category), my first reaction was here we go again. Another off-the-wall theory falling into that new-age, mysticism genre that has a tendency to be highly subjective in nature, with little scientific fact to support it. NOT SO! This is simple quantum physics, chemistry and voltage.

The cell voltage/pH issue we are discussing is only ONE piece of the puzzle! This is certainly not a fix-all and is not a stand alone solution by any means. Increasing the cell voltage works synergistically to help increase the efficacy of the interventions we are using, thus improving outcomes. It’s a critical piece, but not solitary.

What excites me about this, is this is something we can measure! We plan to do studies on this to look at many different methods of measurement and improvement. Medically, we want to look at blood work, pH levels, nutrition levels, organic acids, stool and detox levels. We also want to incorporate the neurofeedback system we are using to do before and after brain mapping, to determine what changes in brain function are resulting from the cell energy shifts, being caused by the lights. EEG is EEG. We either see changes in brainwaves or we don’t! No fuzzy science here!

There are several other topics I want to get into over the immediate near future, such as bonded oxygenation, iodine deficiency, hypothyroidism, and others, that play pivotal roles in restoring health. We’ll talk more about them soon!

Laura Corby, Founder/CEO

Autism Solution Center, Inc.

NOTE: This is what Kangen Water is all about!!!!  Raising your body’s cellular voltage, increasing oxygen and decreasing acidosis


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  1. Cristina Alciati

    This is very interesting. Do you have a link to the original study? Cheers!! 🙂

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