Lupus Testimonial


I just don’t even know where to begin!! I always lived a pretty active, healthy life, playing on the church softball and volley ball teams since age 12, playing handball for a couple of my married years, gardening, helping my husband to build fences, playing tennis for many more years. At about 30 with a newborn, a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, my health started to deteriorate ever so gradually. At about 40, most of the extra curricular activities ceased. It got to the point that I could not sleep at night for more than a couple of hours at a time. I was always exhausted and couldn’t figure out why most of the time. My back hurt so bad that I would literally have to crawl out of bed and then hang on to the bed post to get up. I got vertigo so bad that I couldn’t drive. At home I had to hang on to the walls and counters. I had nose bleeds that actually gushed for hours. My back hurt so badly that I’d walk for a few feet and then have to sit down before I fell down. The shower water hurt my shoulders & back on the softest setting. My husband and children endured much. All the time . . . going to doctors to try to find out what was causing all of this yet made to feel like it was all in my head or it was due to the barometric pressure changes. Some of these symptoms subsided for a while and I was able to function, then they’d come back. When I felt good, I tended to take on tasks that were overwhelming and I would be back to square one. One of those tasks was a Crafter’s Boutique at Christmas time which my sister and I put on, with about 100 crafters. One day during set-up, one of the crafters was sitting and resting, and probably feeling guilty for doing so, she told me that that’s the only way she could keep going because she had lupus. I asked her about her symptoms and guess what? They were exactly what I had been experiencing for years and so went back to the doctors and asked to be tested for lupus. Sure enough, that’s what it was. I was about 48 by this time. My medical doctors obviously didn’t know much about lupus, let alone about alkaline vs acidity in the body. But neither did I at that point. . . . but wait, weren’t they suppose to know more than I? I was put on strong medication, hydroxychloroquine, which of course has some side affects, and along with some supplements, things began to get better, and even close to normal sometimes. Still not great, but I felt human again. At age 53 I lost my husband suddenly and so my responsibilities around the house doubled, was trying to maintain a cabin, and trying to work part time to make ends meet . . . .and I couldn’t seem to keep up but I did my best for the next 6 years, trying to be independent and not asking for help. I came home from the cabin in November of 2007 and a friend of mine who knew of my pain told me about Kangen Water™ and you probably know my initial silent response: “water?” “right!” But out of respect I told her I’d try. Well, within 3 weeks I had gone down one pant size and the best part . . . . I was sleeping through the night and even dreaming every night. I hadn’t dreamt in about 20 years, as you don’t dream until you get into your deepest sleep. WOW! And I’d wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. I could now handle my own luggage and the airport scene wasn’t overwhelming. I could walk for miles on the boardwalk at the beach. I could go from 6 AM until midnight without stopping, every day! I could hold my grandbabies without having to give them back to mom after 1 or 2 minutes because my arms, shoulders and back hurt. People that I hadn’t seen in years asked me what I was doing, and told me that I looked better than they’d seen me in many years. I didn’t know what to do with all this new found energy. Well, I don’t recommend that anyone do what I did next. I decided in May to go off of my medications without telling the doctor . . . just to see what the results would be. In October I got my blood lab work done and made a doctor’s appointment. He had the lab results there and I asked him how they looked? He looked them over and said that they all looked normal. I asked if he was sure, which he said yes, and then I told him what I had done and about the water. He was not really pleased that I had done that but he said he hoped that it continue working for me… but he didn’t want to know anything more about it.

I have since studied many hours each day to find out more about the properties of the water. I’ve shared it with as many people as would put their skepticism aside and I will continue to do that for years to come. I know that Kangen Water™ doesn’t heal specific things like lupus, cancer, asthma, etc. Our bodies were divinely made to regulate and heal themselves. Properly drinking this water is the best thing that anyone could ever do for themselves because it helps your body to be in the best condition to do that . As Dr. Thomas Rau has said (paraphrasing) If we can increase the body’s pH, decrease the oxidation, and increase the minerals into the cells, our bodies can heal themselves of ANYTHING!! I know what it has done for me and I know what it can do for anyone who is willing to just try it. There is an old Chinese saying that goes like this: “If you find something that benefits your life for good, you have a moral obligation to share that with others.” That is my new passion in life!

Wishing you health & wellness,

Char Goodwin Phoenix, AZ


About Denise Holsapple

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Stress Management Coach, Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Molecular Hydration Specialist

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