Given 2 Weeks to Live.

Kidneys, Emphysema, Diabetes Impact

March 22, 2009 Major Health Challenges Change for the Better!
I met some lady at a store where I work and she told me to go down to the health food store and get some water from Jimmy Branton. Jimmy was showing a short 7-minute DVD and giving out Kangen Water. Of 50 people who saw the DVD; 45 took water home. I talked to Jimmy and took the longer DVD home. I watched the DVD and started drinking the water that day — the 8.5 pH water. This was on February 17th, 2009. Since 1992 I have had three heart attacks, died once, have a pacemaker, had open heart surgery, melanoma cancer — I take 13 pills in the morning and seven at night. I am on oxygen 24/7; I have emphysema and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). My lung capacity was 55% – 58% — My blood oxygen content was 71% to 79%. My kidneys: the cretin level was 1.8 and when it reaches 2.0, it is time for dialysis. My cretin now is down to 1.4, and my doctor told me that that would not happen. He told me “You are in kidney failure and there is no way to go back.” It is 1.4 now, and 1.2 – 1.3 is normal! I am almost there!I was taking 100 units of Levemir® insulin a day for diabetes (a slow-acting insulin) and 75 units of NovoLog®, which is a fast-acting insulin. Now I am down to about 30 units a day NovoLog® and don’t take any of the Levemir®. My blood sugar readings before sometimes got as high as 524, but now its down to 89, 94, or 114 — in that range.
My lungs were at 55% efficiency — now they are 71% – 74%. And I forget to turn my oxygen on sometimes. So I am without it maybe 30 minutes before I realize it. As to energy — I had trouble just walking to the bathroom — and now, I walk .6 of a mile! A year ago last July they gave me 2 weeks to live because of my lungs. I went to Mayo Clinic, and they got rid of 44 pounds of water. And then, just this February, when I started drinking Kangen Water, I lost another seven pounds between Tuesday and Friday! My skin color has changed and everybody notices it. I used to be extremely white — and now my skin is nice and pink and people notice it and comment on it. My blood pressure had been 194/114 — and now it is 144/76!! As of today, I have been on the water for 39 days. Of course, these changes actually happened some days ago — so I wasn’t even on the water a month! I am really just getting started!
Tom Williams

About Denise Holsapple

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Stress Management Coach, Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Molecular Hydration Specialist

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