Why Is pH Important to Inland Empire Residence?

Why Is pH Important to Inland Empire Residence?

Temecula Healthy pH Water The term ‘pH’ is one that is probably familiar to most Inland Empire residents, but few may know that it stands for the ‘potential of Hydrogen‘ in a solution. If a solution contains a great concentration of Hydrogen ions, it has a low pH (2.5-5.5) and is an acidic solution.

If the Hydrogen ion concentration is low, the solution has a pH of 8.5-11 and is a basic, or alkaline solution. A solution with a pH of 7 is neutral, neither acidic or alkaline.

So, why is this important for Hemet,  Murrieta,, Menifee and other Inland Empire water drinkers?

Since the human body is over 75% water, our body chemistry is greatly affected by the pH of our internal fluids.

Important chemical and enzymatic reactions can only occur when our bodies are at a specific pH level.

To gradually bring our bodies into the correct pH balance we need to carefully consider everything we put into it, especially what we are drinking!

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Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Stress Management Coach, Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Molecular Hydration Specialist

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